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Woosh by Zantoons

I drew this using a reference for the expression, not exactly sure what the expression is, but Tac put it as FIERY DETERMINATION! So I’m going to roll with that .

Plus, the expression is out of character for Terri, but I like it, so I’m sharing it.

The ref I used was by the artist :iconreakishin: Go watch.

Patreon Pack #2 by Zantoons
Patreon Pack #2
Patreon Update! Patreon Art Pack #2 is Live! Get 5 fully colored, fully shaded drawing featuring Lucielle, Terri and Morgan. Get both the text box and textless versions of each drawing (exception being Expanding Records)

You can become a patreon as low as just $1 a month, that's per month for full arts and monthly updates, along with bonus rewards for those who pledge higher, such as open suggestions and weekly raffles*

*Weekly raffles begin once $100 goal is meet.

Content Including:
Expanding Records Part 1 - Morgan starts a recording dairy to showcase her massive breasts and how they'll become more massive in later recordings.

Growing Concern - Terri comments that her top is already too small, and it's only been a month!!

New in Town - A new OC named Merlot makes her official, colored debut, she seems a little lost and is asking you for help.

Gluttons Swell 1 and 2 - A two image story, Lucielle shows us just how much of an heavy eater she really is in part 1, in part 2, you'll see where all the food went.
Lactose Sweater by Zantoons
Lactose Sweater
I've noticed online with pervy artists this key-hole sweater idea, well, I wanted to try my hand at it and picked Lactose for this weeks fashion choice. Haven't drawn her in a long time, and she seems to really enjoy the sweater.
Commission Open - Info by Zantoons
Commission Open - Info
Send me a note if you're interested or have any questions.

Ideas I'll reject would be raunchy content, I don't do very perverted stuff like sex or paizuri. Nudity is fine tho. No scat or watersport at all. It's just better to send me your idea to discuss in private (o o)d
I don't normally do these, but I guess I've been feeling friendly enough to at least answer the tag.

Tagged by :iconjesoran:

1) What!  Is your favorite colour?
Depends on my moods, but Orange is the most common answer.

2) What!  Is your goal in life?
Just live as long as I can. I guess really, a decent job that allows me to pay bills and have fun.

3) What!  Is your favorite shape?
Circles, not for the obvious boob joke, but it's just a neat shape.

4) What has been your favorite cartoon/anime in recent times?
Recent times? Gravity Falls, hands down.

5) If you had to play a card or board game, what would it be?
I guess ... I don't know. I'd say Pokemon TCG, it's honestly the last card/board game I played.

6) What is your favorite element (fire, earth, water, etc.)?
Personally, my favorite is fire, but I find water the most interesting.

7) What kind(s) of music do you enjoy the most?
I like every genre, for real. The kind I most enjoy is music from video games, such as the Zelda and Sonic series. I don't think Kirby has a single bad OST.

8) What is/are (some of) your favorite animal(s)?
Dogs. I recently started to fall in love with cats but I'm allergic to cats. I'd still say cats and dogs are 50/50 with each other. Foxes get an honorable mention.

9) What excites you the most in regards to life, art, fantasy, etc.? 
Depends on what you mean by "excites".

For fun, watching good wrestling can really get me pumped up and can easily get me out of a funk. Not WWE, but stuff like New Japan, ROH and even recently with Lucha Underground.

>10) If you could get ONE kind of bodily transformation, be it real or fantastical, and limited to ONE part of your body (tongue, arm, leg, hand, neck, eyes, chest, tailbone, etc.) what would it be?
Real, none. It's just not going to happen so I don't like thinking of a fetish in a real sense.

For fantasy, gender transformation, I guess that covers a lot of parts in a human body. If one, I guess transforming my tailbone to have a real tail would be neat.

1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
3) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
4) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
5) No tag-backs.
6) You can't say that you don't do tags.
7) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

I'm not going to tag anyone. I don't normally find people answer these any more. If Kelltain, Anubis or Unskilled want to do this, I'll tag them.

I got this suggested a number of times now. Pixiv, Y/N? 

24 deviants said Yes!
4 deviants said No!


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